We are re-shaping
mobility for a more
sustainable world.


Shoppers want their packages quickly and without having to pay high shipping fees.


Consumer preference for Buy Online Pickup In Store has grown significantly.


The lobby of your building is not a warehouse for packages or food app delivery workers.


Guarantee safety to your residents for their mail and streamline the delivery process through the use of technology.

More packages = more stops = higher CO2 emissions

  • Emissions from last mile deliveries are on track to rise 30% in the next 10 years
  • Demand for urban last mile delivery will grow by 78% leading to a rise in traffic congestion of 21%

With Lok

  • 70% reduction in CO2 emissions per delivery van
  • 10x more deliveries in half the total miles traveled

As new technologies are developed to automate transportation, Lok is building the infrastructure to adapt to them.

EVs, drones, automated vehicles will need an intelligent network to potentialize their technology.

Lok Logistics

We provide sellers and consumers a fully integrated end-to-end last yard solution with the highest level of service and convenience.

AI enabled

Our Artificial Intelligence enabled platform is integrated with a multitude of logistics companies where we select the most optimal carrier and route to minimize delays and guarantee premium service at lower rates.

More delivery options

Sellers trust Lok to handle their entire delivery process and offer our smart lockers as alternative pick-up and return points to improve their customers’ online shopping experience.

Users with full control

Consumers have control and real time tracking over their packages with the flexiblity to select locker delivery, then drop-off at their home at the time of their choosing. All through the Lok app.*

Whether you’re shipping international, across the country or just down the street, Lok Logistics is there for you.

*Some of the features listed above are currently in development.

Shared Network

No investment required in hardware or software. Easy
and simple integration.

Personalized Branding

Smart advertising
personalized for each user.

All you need is…lok

Fully customizable to fit all of your passions.